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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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?2   Pudendal Artery (P.A.  which courses as in Man. It gives off:—
rfj Inferior vesieal artery ;,LY.A.\ •it] Inferior glureal artery   I.G.A.'. ,o) Branches to the rectum, vagina, anus and perineum.
B.—Posterior Division.
il) Anterior sacral arteries t'S.A.-. r2) Lateral sacral arterv rL.S.A.}.
*<                                                                                   i
(3<  Superior gluteal artery (S.G.A.i. The ultimate distribution of these arteries is much as
in Man.
Arteries of f/K Ley.
Femoral Artery.—In the Chimpanzee it begins about the level of the middle of Poupart's ligament and runs distally for l£ in. It gives off the arteria profunda femoris at that point and is continued as the superficial femoral artery. It passes between the two parts of the adductor magnus and becomes the popliteal artery. There is no Hunter's canal. The following are the branches in Man and the Chimpanzee :—
Man                               [                         Chimpanzee
JL—From the Common Femoral Artery—
(1)  Superficial epigastric       ..                            —
(2)  Superficial circumflex iliac                             -
(3)  Superficial external pudic      (3j Superficial external pudic
—                              (41 A trunk dividing into :
(a) Mesial fern oral circumiiex
(b)  Abdominal artery
(i) Nutrient artery to ilium (ii) Deep epigastric arterr ;            (iii) Obturator artery
—                              (5) Beep circumflex iliac artery J5. —From the Deep Femoral Artery—
—                          ", (1) Lateral femoral circumflex artery
—                              (2) Muscular to gluteus medius
—                              (3) Muscular to the adductor muscles.
(not perforating arteries)
—                            ; (4) Muscular to the biceps C.—From the Superficial Femoral Artery—
—                            | (1) Saphenous artery